The Mother and Baby Pack Project

has been instrumental in reducing infant pneumonia and other illnesses by improving hygiene and providing warmth. Infection following birth is the major cause of maternal mortality and hypothermia a major cause of infant mortality. Providing basic supplies such as towels, soap, underwear and pads improve hygiene and help reduce the chance of infection.

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In PNG, many women birth alone with no medical assistance. The packs also have a health brochure we have specifically designed in the pidgin language to express and educate on major health issue in PNG. These packs are an incentive for women to attend hospital for both antenatal clinics, education, and for the birth of their baby.

What we include

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Baby Packs

Baby clothes size 000-0 (clean and good quality)

Singlets, socks and booties

Woolen jumper and hat (we have an oversupply of these)


Baby blanket

Cloth nappies

Small soft toy


Mother Packs

T-shirt (size 12+)

New womens underwear (size 12+ full briefs)

Woolen Hats (we have an oversupply of these)

Toothbrush + toothpaste

Soap and face washer (currently good supply)


Small gift (e.g. beads, comb, hair pin)

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Toddler Pack

Clothing size 1- 4 (clean and good quality)

Singlets, socks, underwear

Woolen jumper and hat (we have an oversupply of these)

These packs are then put into one bag and given to mothers when they show at the hospital to birth their babies.

We accept donations of all of these items.

We hold packing days 4 times a year. You can come along to help sort and pack donated items, spend time with like minded people and have a sausage sizzle lunch.