MEdical Supplies

Each year, our aim is to ship a container filled with medical supplies and hospital equipment to PNG. All medical supplies have been donated by hospitals, health clinics and individuals.

We only ship goods that we know are necessary, require minimal maintenance and are inexpensive to run. We are guided by wish lists provided by PNG health staff. Please check our wish list or contact us if you would like to donate.

What we need:

  • linen (sheets, Kylie’s, blankets, pillows and cases)

  • towels and hand towels

  • wheelchairs

  • walkers

  • crutches

  • hand soap, antibacterial hand wash

  • gloves, theatre caps, theatre booties

  • IV stands

  • stainless medicine trolleys

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We have run education programs for staff at major hospitals and health centres.  Some of our education projects include:



  • Setting up a medical library, accessible to all staff and students

  • Midwifery education programs including neonatal resuscitation and management of obstetric emergencies

  • Basic life support education in all wards

  • Providing professional development opportunities for nursing and midwifery staff by facilitating attendance at national conferences

Other projects:

  • Introducing and implementing standards of universal infection control. Introduction of the 5 moments of hand hygiene including hand sanitising in all wards, providing education to staff, and assisting staff to maintain quality standards.

  • Improving staff awareness of personal safety such as the safe disposal of sharps and encouraging the use of personal protective equipment.

  • Encouraging and supporting the development of a professional body for midwifes: The PNG Midwifery Society.