Anyone who has been to a major hospital or health centre in PNG will report of the obvious lack of supplies to deliver health care.  Nurses, midwives and health care workers in Papua New Guinea have the difficult task of providing lifesaving services with bare minimum resources.

midwives and health kits.png

The Health Kits Project gives health care workers essential tools to be able to care for women during pregnancy and birth in remote area. The items in the Kit are listed below.

We would be grateful for the donation of any of these items to complete our packs and send them to hard working health care workers in remote areas of PNG.

What we need

Adult and Neonatal Bag and Mask resus kits

Suture Kit (large tweezers, artery forceps, suture forceps, episiotomy scissors, 2 metal chord clamps) x 2

Gestational Wheel

BP Kit with stethoscope

Measuring tape

Thermometer (glass with a bag)

Urine Spec Jar x 3

Plastic Goggles

Drape x 2

Small Flannel towel -

Plastic Cord Clamps

Notebook and pen

Pinnard (to hear the Babies HR)

Hand Towel


Head Lamp that uses AAA batteries

Gown (preferably waterproof)

2 bowls - 1 small round blue, 1 small kidney dish

Soap - 2 bars

Disposable Gloves - 5 pairs

Disposable Masks - 5

Plastic theatre hats x 6