Items for Mother and Baby packs

We accept good quality second hand items for our Mother and Baby Packs as well as new items.

What we need

  • Baby Clothes (size 000-0) singlets, onesies, pants and tops, socks

  • Toddler Clothes (size 1-4) undies, singlets, pants and tops

  • Warm baby blankets (1m x 1m)

  • Gifts for mothers (beads, comb, mirror, socks)(we are minimising single use plastics - therefore no small toiletries any more)

  • T-shirts for mothers

  • New underwear (size 12+ full briefs)

  • Flannel sheets and PJs (preferably dark colours) to make women’s hygiene packs

  • Single doona covers (to pack our bags into - we are no longer using the plastic striped bags)


Items for Health Worker Kits

We accept donations of all the items in our Health Worker Kits. We also accept sponsorship of items.

$30 buys us a stethoscope

$50 allows us to purchase a lifesaving neonatal bag and resuscitation kit

$300 covers the cost of a whole kit


Medical Supplies

We accept donations of new and second hand items. We receive Wish Lists from the hospitals that we are supporting. We make every attempt to find items from that list.

We are always in need of:

  • linen / blankets / pillows (preferably with plastic covers) including single doona covers

  • wheelchairs / walkers / crutches

  • stethoscopes / manual blood pressure machines

  • Soap / hand sanitiser

  • towels

2018 Hightea.jpg

High Tea

We would love to receive

  • tea cup and saucer sets

  • tea pots

  • three tiered cake displays

    for our high tea fundraiser held bi-annually.

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